… the world of a ‘meadow bee,’ which is to say, me. It is the meaning of my first and middle names Debbie (meaning ‘bee’) and Lee (meaning ‘of/from the meadow’). I’ve been using it as a screen name for quite some time now.

So who am I?

I’m a 40-something wife and mother who’s always been a little bit creative, has been writing poetry and short stories since elementary school and dreams of someday writing something longer than a novella. I’ve done NaNoWriMo several times and “won it” once. Had a couple of short stories published in magazines, and some poetry published in my college’s literary review magazine.

Currently I’m working and reworking a few things I might indie publish.

If you check out the links above, you’ll also find some of my poetry and short flash fiction stories.

I also dabble in digital photography, I mostly take with my iphone, and I raise chickens.

If you’re interested in my opinion on anything, you might check out IMHO, the ‘In My Humble Opinion’ section where I post my views on the subjusts of the day. They won’t always be popular views, but they are mine.

DebC, aka the 'meadow bee'
DebC, aka the ‘meadow bee’