Crying for the Future

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Dear Bernie,

Please keep on keeping on, doing your job as only you can, and please please please PLEASE come back to us in 2020.

No matter what anyone else says, especially not the established Parties, you are one who should be president right now.  The one who truly could have ‘made America great,’ not by your political inffluence or boardroom experience, but by your heart.

Because you truly love your country and want what no other politician today does – for us to be better than we are now.  Not stay the same.  Not go back to the past.  But to reach for a better tomorrow.

As each day of Trump’s presidency unfolds, as each no executive order is issued and each new step is made toward building walls and stripping away rights, I die a little each time knowing that if should have you, Bernie.  But for the corruption and bullshit, it could have been you.  I cry – am crying now – for the future we could be losing.

It’s going to be a long, hard four years until the next election.  I pray and hope with all my heart that you’re there for us at the end of the wait, Bernie.

Please, be there for us.


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  1. 1

    In the burgeoning new dark age we find ourselves in Sander’s is a voice
    reason, even sanity one might say.
    The “option” of voting for the lesser of two evils as presented by establishment
    parties in the previous election in my opinion amounts to little more than
    a defacto form of coercion – a type of amputation visited upon the electorate.
    But not to worry whether an arm or leg as you have two of each.
    The buck stops with the electorate- they vote the corporate stooges in and
    then refuse to hold them accountable as an act of allegiance to the party.
    Conservative ideology has become a viral contagion as has what is referred to
    as liberalism that chases the same corporate dollar, plays many of the same
    games, and refuses to understand the difference between liberal and progressive.
    A government allegedly created to be representative may well have achieved that
    goal as it reflects the division and lack of a moral compass within the nation .

    • 2

      Agreed. Even the so called ‘Christian right’ whom one would think should have a moral compass is infact quite corrupt, as evidenced by the fact that they are now lauding Trump as sent by God to run (I argue they mean ruin) this nation. And run/ruin it he is. Doing a horrific job. Worse is the fact that should he be impeached, we would be left with Pence, who is no less of an evil than his running mate. It hasn’t even been a full year yet and it feels like decades if backward steps for us as a nation.

      • 3

        I feel as though the so called Christian Right/fundamentalists have thoroughly exposed themselves for the “generation of vipers” and “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that they are.
        Surprisingly back in the 60s I believe it was ultra conservative Barry Goldwater warned of the dangers
        involved with allowing such as these to gain control or exert influence in the Republican party and government itself vowing to fight them every step of the way.
        But it’s about more than the zealots it’s about so called Fox News and characters like Limbaugh, Gorka, Hannity, O’Rielly, Bannon, and others cut from the same cloth not to mention the crown prince of ignorance Trump.

        • 4

          For Rezinate.

          I am only writing this here now because I saw now that the 27 Sep comment of yours to me that was removed on the ‘Racism’ post has been put back – which says at end “There is also a revisionist and contrived history that behooves all to either verify or repudiate”; which was in response to my comment “There is also lived experience.” which is no longer there.

          But how is it possible to “either verify or repudiate” if one is silenced?

          It is verifiable. “New Yorker” Jews Arabs Turkish people Blacks Latinos etc. were not allowed to buy houses in the country outside of the City. Unless they moved to other industrial cities such as Bridgeport & New Haven & Danbury (re. factories). They could not buy houses outside of cities. (Or rent). This was called a ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ & ‘redlining’ (from the red lines drawn on maps to keep us out). My father experienced this when he attempted to move out of the City. The words “New Yorker” were often code relating to this.

          When he finally was able to buy a house in the one town that had recently broken the colour & antisemitism line I was still not allowed to swim in pools as a tiny brown child. I had to sit by myself & watch from afar as pale Euro children swam & once I was pulled out of a pool crying by my mother because this enraged racist was screaming at her to get me out of the pool. I can still see him there yelling & hating me – a toddler.

          I was also mocked by policeman there as a child & frisked in shops as a child after being accused of stealing. I was called “Indian” & “Chief” & “Biafran” & “Spic” & “Puerto Rican” & “Greasy Arab” & “The Land O Lakes butter girl” – all whilst still a child. But you know all that; hence calling me a “closet racist” for zero reason in that post – as it was meant to hurt me.

          Outside of the above – during the Civil Rights movement in the South the words “New Yorker” were also code for “Jewish”. This is still remembered by some people.

          There is a film ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ w/ Gregory Peck that was filmed in my hometown – should you still want some proof of this. Since you refuse to believe anything I say. The setting is New York City & the CT Shore for a reason. So there is more of your proof. There was also a series of lawsuits in Greenwich & Darien regarding this – for even more proof.

          You were never accused of antisemitism or racism. You said that. I never did.

          My comment about “silence” was an affectionate joke about the patriarchy of not being heard as women.

          My pediatrician who was like a father to me from age zero was Native; as was my first boyfriend; as was my brother’s girlfriend; as were many of my friends following childhood. I am not a stranger to Indigenous Americans having been raised by one since age *zero.*. Hence I was aware of everything you wrote in your long comment about genocide & forced sterilisation etc.

          I made a warm joking affectionate comment about how now would be a good time for the traditional silence.

          Given what I was saying that in response to – it’s astonishing that that could be taken as anything but an affectionate response.

          It is not about needing to “win”. It’s about not being misrepresented. It is about experiencing compassion & empathy vs only always being expected to give it as girls & women.

          It was an explanation about brown “New Yorker” children not being allowed in pools – not anything about you or your thoughts or your feelings or your beliefs.

          I have for some time considered myself a warrior woman in that I will speak about what it feels like to have people tell me they *hate* Arabs & this applies to “New Yorkers” also when we were told the same thing when we were – as Arabs – not allowed to buy houses outside of cities or factory towns & when I was not allowed to swim in pools in the country as a brown “New Yorker” child.

          You say “women are sacred”. I am a woman also. And on the “Bead work” post – that everyone needs a protector. Etc. Yet who protects us against those who see themselves as protectors yet cannot be made to understand how they injure us as girls & women?

          Re. “asparagus” comment. I am not a piece of “asparagus”. That was the difference. So when I said “I’m a New Yorker” over & over whilst being told how horrible *all* New Yorkers are – that is the difference. Between telling a person that one doesn’t like their people & not liking “asparagus”.

          I explained I don’t know what the word “foul” in sports means – so did not understand that. And it was not said to me. It was said to someone else – your male best friend. And it was said as if whatever *I* had said was *what* was being forgiven. When *I’d* been the one attacked. So it was not an apology *to* me. And yet it was *I* who then apologised for upsetting your friend w/ my very true assassment of our men not listening to us in our patriarchal cultures. As a woman at White Buffalo Woman shelter told me days ago “Most of the women here return to the people who abuse them.” I’m really familiar w/ this. It’s not acceptable to me – the silencing of women.

          As a black Arab I have enough people who want to silence me – it’s painful to be silenced by my brown brothers as well. Wether they are Arab or Indigenous American or etc.

          Nobody called you a racist or antisemitic. Yet one would think a friend offline would want to know what one experienced surrounding being a “New Yorker” as a person of colour & a semite. Especially someone who says “Women are sacred” & talks about “loyalty” & “perseverence”.

          I got my human rights friend to pull out as cosponsor of a tour around New England of Madonna Gilbert Thunder Hawk & Fayrouz Sharkawi of Grassroots Jerusalem (Palestinian). But I could not stop the main tour organisers despite all my efforts. Or get Fayrouz to pull out. Sorry. At least I try.

          Never say you are not a photographer – as you answered to the fake Ojibwe. Be proud of whatever you do. The abusive pretendigenous person is posting there – yet others who you shared friendship w/ you silenced. And never say you are not a “warrior” as you said to him. I have been calling myself a warrior woman for years. Without saying that – how can we survive the racism & injustice? I only said we should sometimes remove the “warrior mask” when communicating w/ each other males to females & females to males. It’s a type of psychic armour & not the best way to communicate within friendships. You’re a warrior for surviving 500+ years of occupation & genocide – are you not?

          I have literally been having nightmares about all this. I was raised by an Indigenous American; in the absence of my father he was like a father to me & oddly they looked like twins & you know I am a human rights advocate – hence your “closet racist” comment & all the rest have been unbelievably traumatising. I have brown skin & Asiatic features. Nothing said to me could be more injurious. The link to the post on that pretendian Silent Bear was especially cutting. You entertain pretendigenous like Stonefeather a pale European from Poland; yet a person of colour such as myself who has zero interest or ability to romanticise you & your people you have accused of racism – when I experience it constantly. I think it is far more racist of people to romanticise Indigenous Americans. Just as I find it racist when it is done to us as Arabs. I know who I am & what I believe. I cannot be racist when I am a constant victim of racism & warrior against racism.

          The Khalil Gibran quote at the end of your 27 Sep comment cannot save it. This was meant to show me how willing you are to love Lebanese Syrian Arab Americans. Gibran was a “New Yorker” also. He is also the *one* Lebanese ‘Arab’ people quote back to us. You could have listened to my childhood swimming pool story or my father’s trying to move out of the City by buying a house story & quoted that back to me to show me that you understand & care about Arab Americans vs paraphrasing Gibran & calling my stories about myself & my family “racist” & lies – simply because you did some very hasty research online to verify what I wrote & found nothing. I would never do that to a friend who shared family stories of racism. *Any* of that.

          Hence the PTSD like nightmares – since experiencing that from you.

          Please forgive this guerilla comment DebC – thank you. xxx

          • 5

            The comment was removed? I have to look. I have comments by new people set be approved by me first and after I approve them once they don’t need it again. Usually I approve them from my phone but I have been having trouble with my phone app recently where it let’s me approve them and then still keeps them held in moderation.

            I will look into it.

            I may have also accidentally deleted the comment yesterday while getting rid of a whole bunch of spam comments (bulk messages about sex and prescription drugs I keep getting that the spam filters don’t catch).

            I will look into that, too. On my site I say that I welcome polite and respectful and well thought out discourse and conversation. You did just that. I’m sorry the comment disappeared but it was not done intentionally by me to harm you.

          • 8

            No Deb – I’m really really sorry. That was for Rezinate not you. He removed a comment on his blog. And that’s why I apologised to you at the end of my comment here for this guerrilla email to him here. I know it’s really unorthodox. Please forgive the confusion.

        • 9

          For Rezinate

          And Bernie Sanders is a “New Yorker” as well as Khalil Gibran who you love. It is madness to *insist* that 8 million people have horrible “attitude”.

  2. 10
    Zoé bint Mikhael bin Touma


    ‘Truth is a haven’

    Aside from my belief in Bernie’s positions on the environment & socialist democracy – his words during the debate w/ HRC on Palestine/Palestinians were a thing of beauty to me.

    Christian Zionists (Fundamentalists) believe that our Nakba/the Catastrophe in 1948 – establishment of the $tate of I$rael (illegal occupier & jailer & self appointed executioner) – was in accordance w/ biblical prophecy. Or in words those of us capable of real *love* can better understand: they accept without question the systemic genocide of our Palestinian & South Lebanese people; including astonishingly Indigenous Christians & wish for that genocide of us to continue in order to fulfill their mad fantasy religion. (Following a so called ‘holy book’ which celebrates in detail the rape & destruction of our ancestors the Canaanites).

    They – Christian Zionists – are the anti-Christ. As they are completely lacking in humility & empathy & *love*. They are impostors to our ancient Syriac Faith & teachings. There is *zero* resemblance to anything belonging to our early Church – which between Hellenisation (Greek) & Latinisation (Roman) & the Protestant Reformation has been almost completely destroyed. (We don’t believe in a place of ‘hell’ or ‘sin’ – for only two examples. ‘Sin’ only means you’ve missed the mark/gone off the path… Our priests marry… & drink wine etc. We pray by emptying ourselves of thought vs asking Allah for things… Almost all of our original hymns & writings were destroyed by occupiers & impostors to the Faith).

    Fundamentalist Christians are a big reason we Americans pour billions of $$$ & arms & weapons training into the ceaselessly militaristic $tate of I$rael inhumane machine every year.

    I *love* Bernie w/ all my soul. It broke my heart when he lost. Especially after that Democrat trickery that transpired. He would be our first Jewish & first Semitic president as well. Insha’allah I will dance for him if he ever wins!

    Thank you for your hospitality. xxx

  3. 11
    Zoé bint Mikhael bin Touma

    *My name should have read: Zoé bint Mikhael bin Touma

    It was abbreviated in error in my previous comment. I wrote this for my fathjer & grandfather & those are their names. As ‘bint’ = daughter (of) & ‘bin’ = son (of) – the abbreviation as it is makes no sense. Please just change it to my first name then. Thank You.

  4. 12

    “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    Thank you Girl <3 <3 <3

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