Crying for the Future

Dear Bernie,

Please keep on keeping on, doing your job as only you can, and please please please PLEASE come back to us in 2020.

No matter what anyone else says, especially not the established Parties, you are one who should be president right now.  The one who truly could have ‘made America great,’ not by your political inffluence or boardroom experience, but by your heart.

Because you truly love your country and want what no other politician today does – for us to be better than we are now.  Not stay the same.  Not go back to the past.  But to reach for a better tomorrow.

As each day of Trump’s presidency unfolds, as each no executive order is issued and each new step is made toward building walls and stripping away rights, I die a little each time knowing that if should have you, Bernie.  But for the corruption and bullshit, it could have been you.  I cry – am crying now – for the future we could be losing.

It’s going to be a long, hard four years until the next election.  I pray and hope with all my heart that you’re there for us at the end of the wait, Bernie.

Please, be there for us.


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