The First Seven Weeks

Seven weeks ago, on June 26, 2017, I started a journey unlike any other I had undertaken before -the journey to a new and healthier me. It began with a roux en y gastric bypass, which is a form of weight loss surgery. As part of the diet, I had to spend the first two weeks on clear liquids and the last four weeks on full liquids and purees.

July 26th was my one month mark. One month out of surgery. I was still in the liquids/puree stage and had lost thirty pounds since the surgery.

A lot of people on the Facebook support groups I join seem to have a lot of trouble in those first few weeks. Depression, being hungry and not being able to eat anything, having a general lack of support from their friends and family.

I have learned that I am extremely lucky in those regards I did not have most of – well, any of those – problems, really.

I found that I had (and still don’t have) very little appetite at all. I mostly stuck to a schedule of when to ‘eat’ and the liquids filled me. It didn’t even bother me to see my family eating all my favorite foods or having treats like popcorn and ice cream. And my family has been really supportive of my efforts. Even if I do have to urge them to cook using the Stevia, so I can have some of the good stuff.

Having their support means a lot to me, and it means a lot more knowing that other people out there have gone into their surgery without a loving family to back them. According to the support groups on Facebook, some people have had their families – husbands, wives, parents, kids, friends – turn their backs on them either because of the lifestyle change or because they disapproved of the surgery itself.

So yes, I have been blessed.

I am currently down to 203 lbs, which is 45 lbs from where I was when I first started seeking this surgery and 35 lbs from my surgery weight.

I recently started introducing real food (not liquid) back into my diet, and have had a bit of a stall. I’ve been at 203 for a week. It should pass once my body gets used to food again.

People keep asking me if I would do it again, and while I think it might be too early yet to answer that, I do see a lot of positive changes. Having more energy is a huge one. I also haven’t had acid reflux once since the surgery.

The downsides so far? Definitely having to eat slower than I normally would. A small plate of food (or even just an 8oz drink) takes me forever to get down.

I also had an altercation with 3 oz of fish the other day. The first time I threw up because of food since the surgery. It happens a lot to people after this surgery, but that was my first. I didn’t rush. I just don’t know if it was the fish or that I ate too much of it. Negotiating real food is a trial an error thing right now.

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