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    White Spirit, by Amy Ravenel

    Yesterday, I sat down with my brand-new, fresh out of the Amazon box copy of White Spirit by Amy Ravenel. White Spirit, the first of book of Ms. Ravenel’s Restless Spirits series, begins with Tristan Johnson, a psychic with erratic and uncontrolled abilities who can see the past (often to tragic results), moving into a new apartment. Through backstory, we learn that one such event led to Tristan isolating himself from friends and family alike, hiding out in his parents’ basement because he cannot handle what happens when he loses control of his gift.  The fact that his best friends Zack and Kayla have gotten him to leave the basement…

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    Meternity, by Meghann Foye

    Yesterday I paid my $9.99 to purchase and download the fiction novel Meternity, by Meghann Foye.     The book is surrounded by controversy, mostly because of Ms. Foye’s proclamation that she wants all the perks of maternity leaving without having to give birth. And that, apparently, in this new entitled generation (Sadly, it turns out that Ms. Foye is 38, making her 3 years younger than me, and how could anyone born close to my same decade be so entitled and delusional?), maternity leave is a “socially mandated time and space for self-reflection.”     I shudder.  Do people really think this?  Do they not realize that maternity leave…