A Bee In The Meadow

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Welcome to ‘A Bee In The Meadow,’ my home on the Net.   Actually, I have other ‘homes’ on the internet.  Facebook. Twitter, Instagram… etc…  But here is where you will find all those places grouped together.

I am a writer (not published yet, save for small time press) and have been writing and making up stories and poetry since I was a child.   Mostly, I write short stories, ranging from short ‘flash fiction’ to novella length works in a variety of genres.  I love romance, mysteries, horror, and fantasy.   I still write poetry, too.

I’m an avid reader, as well.  After all, reading and writing go hand in hand.  If the mood strikes me, or the book moves me, I will review them here.

In the past few years, I have become a fan of digital photography, and I love to take pictures to share them.

I also raise chickens and sell eggs.  They are my little feathered babies.  All thirty-three of them.  😉

And… if you really want to know what I think about current issues, politics, religion or anything at all, check out the IMHO section.  It’s the world ‘in my humble opinion.’  I welcome comments and respectful, intelligent discourse.  Open minds preferred.

~Debbie L Chilson~