I Hate Exercise

There is no easy or kind way to say this.  I hate exercise.  I’m not the type of person who jogs or bikes or rows or whatever as a hobby.  I don’t play sports.  I actually kind of suck at sports.

I like to swim, but since we moved and no longer have a pool, going swimming means going to a public pool and being SEEN in a bathing suit.  And the public pool is mostly filled with little kids, since it’s part of the YMCA here and their daycare let’s the kids swim all day (with parental permission) and yeah… not worth it for me.

I like to walk, especially out in nature, on trails and such.  Not really ‘hiking’ but not really not hiking either.

But exercise… the kind that soon becomes a chore when you’re trying to lose weight?  I very much dislike.  A lot.  And as soon as it becomes that chore, as soon as I’m spending over 1/3+ of any given day exercising, I want to give up.

I look back on my life, and I honestly think that the reason for this is because I grew up on a farm, and we were constantly moving.  Stacking hay bales in the summer, feeding animals, cleaning the barn… all a lot of very physical manual labor that took up hours of my time.  And then helping my mother with house work in between set ‘chore times’ and wagons of hay to unload.  I didn’t have a lot of free time and when I got some, I would want to spend it doing something I actually enjoyed.

Reading, writing.  Things that involve sitting down and relaxing.   They are still the things I enjoy doing the most.

The trouble is, I’m not exactly a healthy weight and I need to be.  I want to be a healthy weight.  And that means exercise.



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    I really don’t understand any kind of stationary exercising either. (Gyms etc.). I think if our ancestors could see that they would think it was bizarre!

    I wash all my clothing & linens etc. (even carpets) by hand. And I walk everywhere.

    What about riding a bike? Since you like hiking.

    Also is there a lake or river near you that you can swim in? Or evening hours at the Y pool? Or a university nearby w/ a pool that allows people to swim there? (My hometown high school got a pool – decades after I left – & I think allows town residents to swim there).

    Probably you’ve thought of all these things but I thought I would write them just in case. xx

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